Course curriculum

  • 1


    • How the online course works

    • Kits and Supplies

    • Student Practice Sheets, Forms, and Charts

    • Certificate requirements

    • Access to the Lash Biz Accelerator Guide

    • Access to the Digital MBA course (Marketing + Branding + All things social media)

    • Access to the Lash Photo Editing Course

    • Communication & Questions

  • 2

    Theory chapters 1-15

    • Chapter 1: Defining extensions and what they’re made of

    • Chapter 1 Quiz

    • Chapter 2: Classic vs. volume techniques

    • Chapter 2 Quiz

    • Chapter 3: Artificial Eyelash History

    • Chapter 3 Quiz

    • CHAPTER 4: Sanitation & Public Safety

    • Chapter 4 Quiz

    • CHAPTER 5: The Science of Adhesives

    • Chapter 5 Quiz

    • CHAPTER 6: Classic Eyelash Tools & Supplies

    • Chapter 6 Quiz

    • CHAPTER 7: Volume Supplies & Tweezers

    • Chapter 7 Quiz

    • CHAPTER 8: Anatomy of the Eyelash & Eyelids

    • Chapter 8 Quiz

    • CHAPTER 9: Disease and Allergic reactions

    • Chapter 9 Quiz

    • Chapter 10: Classic Lash Length, Thickness, Curl

    • Chapter 10 Quiz

    • CHAPTER 11: How to calculate how many volume lashes can safely be in a fan

    • Chapter 11 Quiz

    • CHAPTER 12: Volume fans

    • Chapter 12 Quiz

    • CHAPTER 13: Basic Eye Shapes and Lash Styles

    • Chapter 13 Quiz

    • CHAPTER 14: Lash Mapping and Your Lash Pattern

    • CHAPTER 15: Professional Client Consultation & Assessments

  • 3


    • Lash Supplies You Will Need + where to buy them

    • How to set-up your mannequin

    • How to Set Up Your Lash Tile

    • Tweezers

    • How to Set Up Your Jade Stone

    • How to Pour a Glue Drop

    • Table Set Up

  • 4

    Classic Hands on Practical exercises

    • Eye Pads + Tape

    • Practice Assignment: Eye Pads + Tape

    • The "Measure Test" for Selecting the Correct Length Extension

    • Practice Assignment: The "Measure Test" for selecting the Correct Length Extension

    • The "Measure Test" for Selecting the Correct Thickness/Diameter Extension

    • Practice Assignment:The "Measure Test" for Selecting the Correct Thickness

    • Lash Mapping + Lash Pattern

    • Practice Assignment:Lash Mapping + Lash Pattern

    • How to Place Your Arms and Hands as You Lash

    • Practice Assignment: How to Place Your Arms and Hands As You Lash

    • Isolation

    • Practice Assignment: Isolation

    • How to pick-up a Classic Lash

    • Practice Assignment: How to Pick Up a Classic Lash

    • How to Glue Dip a Classic Lash

    • Practice Assignment: How to Glue Dip A Classic Lash

    • How to Place a Classic Lash

    • Practice Assignment: How to Place a Classic Lash

    • How to Place a Classic Lash Start to Finish

    • Practice Assignment: Classic full set

    • How to Control Direction

    • Practice Assignment: How to Control Direction

    • How to Remove a Classic Lash with your Tweezers

    • Practice Assignment: How to Remove a Classic Lash With Your Tweezers

    • How to Check for Stickies

    • Practice Assignment: Practice Assignment: How to Check for Stickies

    • How to Apply Superbonder

    • How to Remove Lashes with Glue Remover

    • Practice Assignment: How to Remove Lashes With Glue Remover

    • Tape Tricks

    • How to Detach From a Bottom Lash

    • How to Cleanse Lashes

  • 5

    Volume Hands On Practical Exercises

  • 6



    • CLASSIC Live Model

    • Volume Live Model

  • 7


    • Requirements to earn your certificate

  • 8


    • The Wet Lash Look/Mascara Look


“Gosh I can’t even begin to explain how thankful I am that I invested in her course! I took the online lash training course a year ago and it was the best investment EVER!!! Don’t waste your money on other courses because you will learn it all through Dylan! She was very thorough with her training and no matter how many questions I had or what day it was she ALWAYS answered! She’s definitely a ride or die teacher lol. Clients & even lash artists are always complimenting me on my lash knowledge which is HUGE. Not only do you learn classic, hybrid, and volume but you learn all there is to know about lash care. She will guide you on all there is to know and keeps up with the latest trends as well!”

Daniela Hinojosa

“I highly recommend this course! I am in the process of taking my course now and I absolutely love it! I feel like I connect and understand the way Dylan has created this course so much easier making it a breeze to get through. I’ve learned so much already! I also love how hands on and helping Dylan has been❤️ If your thinking about taking the course stop thinking and just do it! You won’t regret it!”

Ashley Callos

“Dylan is amazing , I have taken 2 other lash classes I wish I found her sooner . But I’m happy I found her she has help me take lashing to Whole another level .when you need help she is there to help even after you have taken her class”

Missy Dawson

“Dylan is absolutely a fantastic person and has the most amazing Lash Courses! I took her hybrid class and learned so much more than I even knew there was to learn about becoming a Lash Artist. She is constantly updating her courses and giving you the best information and you always have access to her courses and the Whiplash Queen herself!!! I highly recommend her courses to anyone who’s wanting to become a successful Lash Artist!”

Jaci Gillespie

“I took Dylan's lash extension course and I was so glad that I took the time and researched and researched what others offered and this was it! I have been licensed for many years and it is hard for an old esti to learn new tricks but she was great and her manual, online course, videos, everything she has available to us is all we need to succeed. And this old esti has been so happy to start my own business and I love the support I have with Dylan. Thank You, So Worth It!”

Jodena Hargreaves


Pricing options

I offer 3 different pricing options! A 3 month payment plan, a pay in full plan and financing. If you want to learn more about my financing options, email


  • Do you offer payment plans or financing?

    YES! I offer both. I have a payment plan that allows you to split the course payment up into 3 payment installations over the course of 3 months. I also offer financing plans! One plan can qualify you up to 24 months 0% interest. Email for more info!

  • Do I have lifelong access to this course?

    YES! You will receive lifelong access to this course as well as all of the updates I make to it (which is often)! The course does not expire.

  • Is this course go at your own pace?

    YES! You can go at your own pace for this course. Everything is pre-recorded, so you can go at your pace on your own timeline!

  • How does the online course work?

    The course has theory first! The theory is very in depth and has quizzes after each chapter to make sure you understand the key points from each chapter. After theory comes the hands on. Each hands on chapter in broken down VERY in depth down to the angles and micromovements. Each hands on chapter has VERY up close video tutorials of each micromovement, step-by-steps photos and illustrations to accommodate all learning styles. Each hands on chapter usually requires a submissions to me to look at, provide feedback and to pass off on! We are in touch the whole training where you can ask questions at anytime!

  • What is included with this course?

    This course includes learning the CLASSIC technique, HYBRID technique and the VOLUME technique. It also includes my DIGITAL MBA COURSE (Marketing + Branding + All things social media) to help you learn how to brand, market and build a full clientele! It also includes my LASH BIZ ACCELERATOR GUIDE, which is your "road map" of what to do after a lash course to set your biz up properly and create a profit quickly. It also includes my LASH PHOTO EDITING COURSE to teach you how to take and edit professional looking lash photos.

  • Does this course include a kit?

    Kits are ordered separately and are not included. I give 2 options for your lash kit. Option #1 is to order my Whiplash Queen student exclusive kit from my fav lash supplier named Lashes By Tini. I designed this kit and hand picked everything. The kit is priced on her site with my 30% off educators discount code, so you get a lot of quality product for less. The link for this kit is located in chapter 2. Option #2 is to just order the necessity supplies you need for lashes. I give the list of supplies and discount codes to lash suppliers in chapter 2.